Automations concern products such as remote controls, control panels, operation buttons, photocells, etc. These automations apply to rolling shutters, doors and garage doors. Our company's products are all certified and meet the highest quality and safety standards of the market. Our suppliers have been in the european and international market for many years.

 According to our experience, the right choice of automations regarding a rolling shutter or a garage door, can affect the lifetime of your appliance. They maybe considered as peripherals but they surely affect the proper operation of a rolling shutter/garage door/door.

Below you can see some examples of automation products.

Remote controls for rolling shutters and garage doors SM50 MAYRO SM50 RED RCX4 BREL KL 

Photoelectric cells (photocells)


Remote control receivers


Motor's control panel 230VAC for one/double side opening doors

Access control card reader with lighting keyboard Panelkwdikou Flashing lamp  belight


Motor's control panel 230 VAC


 for sliding doors


 S5070 Operation button and key switcher  elsamec buttonelsamec key switch