Folding fence doors


Folding fence doors (scissor gates) are ideal for theft protection of housing, since they combine safety, maximum ventilation-lighting and low cost. They are suitable for doors, windows, doors etc.

Their construction is heavy duty solid galvanized rods and thus offer high levels of security.

 Their design is ergonomic and allows rotation of the gate 180o, when gathered, around the mandrel so to be removed away from the opening and thereby to ensure the maximum possible transit area. Available in various sizes and colors on request.


  • Manufacture of solid galvanized steel rods or aluminum
  • Painted with electrostatic paint in various colors
  • They have roller conveyor at the top of the opening for easy handling and mobile guide at the bottom to free passage without obstacles.
  • They have security lock 4-point.
  • Easy installation.
  • Practical operation without maintenance.


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