Security Bar


The security bar is an inexpensive and immediate way to secure protection for your loved ones.

Security bar is suitable for all doors (main entrance, auxiliary). Also plugs in glass doors and can be used as a lock!

Secures inside the main entrance of the house or the auxiliary gates and bedrooms doors. Sleep safely. Secures internal and while you're at your site, making it impossible to access from any intruder.

 The dimension of the PowerBar are 5cm height by 4cm depth. The length can vary from 70cm to 100cm depending on the width of the door panel. The latch bolt of the PoweRBar can be extended up to 17cm from each side by turning its knobs.


 Solid hook 5mm for attachment to horizontal wall or door casing with adjustable spacer


 Solid strip 5mm for attachment to vertical wall

Available in 3 colors. White-Black-Brown



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