Fire doors

Fire doors ΝΙΝΖ

Fire-rated metal doors of general use by Italy's leaders Ninz, certified for fire resistance 60 or 120 minutes (REI 60, REI 120) according to EN 1634-1 and UNI 9723 standards. There are two main series of firedoors, the Univer (fire and general-purpose) and Proget (fire and general purpose). We also supply Rever model, a series of metal general-purpose doors.

Fire doors Univer

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  • Single or double leaf metal doors made of galvanized steel and filled with insulating material thickness 50mm or 60mm
  • Reversible (left / right)
  • Metal frame with thickness of 53mmX55mm or 65mm with detachable threshold
  • Thermoexpanding insulating material around a special slot in the frame
  • Heavy duty hinges, with a return spring and a ball bearing
  • Safety pin at the hinge side
  • Lock cylinder and normal key
  • Plastic handle fireproof metal core
  • Closing regulator and automatic bolt lock on the secondary sheet (double-door)
  • Electrostatic powder coating with epoxy-polyester, brushed finish with scratch resistant properties. Great variety of RAL colors
  • Great choice of various components such as specific handles, panic bars, skylights, ventilation louvers, restraints etc
  • Available in standard sizes.


        pdf icon  Datasheet Ninz

        pdf icon  Technical guide Ninz Univer


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  • hinges-bolts-handle
  • panicbar