Fire resistant shutters


Fire resistant shutters are installed in buildings where flammable materials exist and are likely to cause a fire. In case of fire, they isolate those spaces and prevent (for a specified time according to the firebreak study) fire spread to the other areas in order to evacuate the building safely.


• The curtain of the shutter is made of galvanized steel profiles with curved cross section 75mm, minimum thickness of 0.9mm

• Barrel constructed from steel tube manufactured to BS EN 10219 with helical counter balance springs manufactured to BS 5216 using hard drawn wire and mounted on a steel shaft, with mild steel bearing blocks each end incorporating high speed bearings. Tube and shaft sized according to opening size and door weight. .

• guides width 65mm of galvanized steel sheet thickness 3mm, mounted on a steel angle 75mmX 50mm.

• Cover panel (hood), made of galvanized steel sheet thickness of 0.9mm, with reinforcement depending on the fire resistance time and the width of the rolling shutter.


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•  Geared electric motor with integral controlled descent mechanism for connection in to the building alarm system with back up fusible link unit, rotary limits, emergency hand chain for raising the shutter and push button starter with open/stop/close controls requiring electrical supply of 400/415 volt, 3 phase, 50 hertz. Electrically operated products are CE marked

• Fusible link (fusiblelink) for releasing and closing the shutter in case of fire

• Automatic system with solenoid coil to release the shutter in case of fire, which is activated by a signal 24V 0.5A from the building fire detection system, with the possibility of recovery (after stopping the fire alarm signal) (firerelay)

• Audio visual warning (FDI)

• Backup battery unit in case of power failure

• Weight: About 30 Kg / m2

• Certificates in accordance with the standards of fire safety: WARRES No 145904, tests according to standard BS 476 part 22: 1987 Warrington Fire Manufacturing Assessment

• Fire resistance time up to 240min

• Fire resistant rolling shutters do not cover the operating standards of the usual security shutters and should not be used as such

• Polyester powder coat to full door in RAL colours is possible


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Basic parts of a rolling shutter

 Elampsis presents to you some basic parts of rolling shutters. They are necessary for the proper and safe operation of rolling shutters. At the same time they supply maximum protection by preventing bad weather conditions or burglers to invade your space. These parts refer to both aluminum and steel rolling shutters.

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