Up and Over garage doors



 A feature that shows the high security of up and over garage doors is the flexible protective covers over the lever arms and the plastic bars between door leaf and frame. They reduce the risk of injury and crushes. This high security standard can be found only in Hörmann up and over doors .


Multiple spring safety system

If, after many years one of the springs of the lever arm broken, intact springs protect the door. So the door is reliably protected against falling. The distance between the turns of the springs is very small and prevents the fingers of children getting caught.


Safe opening

When fully opened, the door stops completely in the cavity of the rail guide.


Absolute sealing

The specially shaped lever arm presses tight the door when closing above the frame. Thus leaving no gap between the door and frame. The door is tightly closed.


High burglary protection

Unique rotational security of up and over Hörmann garage doors secures the corners of the door leaf to the frame and thereby locks with much greater security compared to conventional locks with rod. Opening the door with crowbar is practically impossible. With an optional extra equipment, which you can easily install yourself, the door secures in the top section also.