Parking and traffic control systems

 The manual folding parking bars are mainly used for vehicle access and parking control. They protect private space from illegal vehicle entry and parking. They also prohibit parking in front of doors leading to merchandise loading areas while protecting the building from burglary attempts with the door crash.

 With the bar lowered, cars and pedestrians can freely pass over them. Their very small height, which is less than 6cm, allows comfortable passage even to lowered vehicles. Strong folding feet with rounded edges and pre-drilled mounting points ensure functionality and quick installation.

  • Made of reinforced galvanized materials
  • Electrostatic painted
  • Locked with a simple lifting (no key to lock)
  • Integrated lock in manufacturing 3 keys
  • Easy installation with plugs which are included in the package
  • Strong & solid construction


manual-bar5s manual-bars4
manual-bars7 manual-bars1



Automatic service park. Prevents stopping and parking of foreign vehicles in the private space you and help you to use, battery operated


  • The Service Park is the best solution to protect private parking area
  • Easy to install
  • No cable connection is required because it is a complete wireless with battery
  • Solid construction
  • Manufacture from materials galvanized & powder coated
  • Withstand weight up to 1800kg
  • Impact resistant
  • Connectivity and power supply for continuous operation without the changed battery


service-park-battery service-park-battery1


 Traffic control road barriers ensure controlled vehicle access to company or house premises. These fully automated barriers are equipped with all safety automation (motion sensor, shutdown in case of contact with humans or object) in order to avoid accidents.

All traffic barriers supplied and installed by Elampsis are designed for frequent use. Traffic barriers are equipped with a control board which is already programmed while the obstacle recognition function and  reversing  action ensure that accidents will be avoid.



Traffic control barriers ensure the identification of people who use this space (parking, garage, business)

  • Electronic bar with industrial grade motor for poles of various lengths
  • Built-in light with Led
  • Embedded double terminals path (mechanical & electronic) in opening and closing
  • Solid construction
  • Very simple in operation, installation and programming
  • Installed electronic panel already scheduled
  • The panel can be connected to all safety functions
  • Slowdown function during opening and closing
  • In case of power failure has an internal safety release for manual operation



Operation alarm light

They indicate the operation of the crossing bar in order to avoid possible accidents,  by drivers, vehicles or pedestrians


Elampsis provides and installs many other peripherals used in parking systems such as card readers, software for card readers, magnetic loops that detect the passage of vehicles etc. Our experienced technicians and our expertise both on site and in the service of the systems ensuring full coverage of your needs.