Grilles shutters

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 Security grilles provide one of the very best value for money choices, against vandals or burglary. When visibility for shop window is required, during non working hours, but also protection of window/glass and stock is needed, then this type of shutter gives the solution. Grilles are very versatile in choice of construction.

The rhomboid iron opening comes in three different versions to cover all needs. "Big eye", "Medium Eye" and "Little Eye". The durability of the shutter increases as you go from the "Big Eye" to "Small eye".


 There's the option of manual or motorized operation. The bottom slat of the shutter contacting the ground consists of reinforced galvanized steel profiles closed for more rigidity and incorporates special PVC rubber for insulation enhancement. Also the top of the shutter consists of galvanized closed type steel profiles  for smooth movement winding. Manually operated rolling shutters are equipped with lateral or central locks. Grilles shutters are available in many colors and painted with powder coating for corrosion resistance.

  For aesthetic reasons it is possible the coil of the mechanism to be covered by a metal box with hot dip galvanized steel sheet painted in the same color as the shutter. The shutter moves within appropriate drivers from hot dip galvanized steel sheet, which may have special rubber brush for extra waterproofing and noise reduction during operation.

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Basic parts of a rolling shutter

 Elampsis presents to you some basic parts of rolling shutters. They are necessary for the proper and safe operation of rolling shutters. At the same time they supply maximum protection by preventing bad weather conditions or burglers to invade your space. These parts refer to both aluminum and steel rolling shutters.

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