Perforated rolling shutters

ρολο διατρητο καταστημα

  Open type perforated shutters are suitable for business premises, where we combine the ability to show the enterprise space and ensure maximum safety. Shutters of this type are made of galvanized steel profiles used for the closed type shutters of single wall, after undergoing dense perforation of small holes. Shutters with perforation offer transparency without lacking in strength, since the thickness of the steel is 1mm.

Rolling shutters can be operated manually or electrically according to the weight and frequency of use. The access control and operation of electrical rolling shutters can be done with various methods such as up-down button station, RF transmitters etc.  The bottom slat of rolling shutter that contacts the ground is reinforced for increased rigidity and incorporates special PVC rubber for insulation enhancement. The manually operated rolling shutters are equipped with lateral or central locks (is optional at electrical operation).

 Rolling shutters are available in most colors of RAL spectrum and are painted with polyester powder coating for corrosion resistance. For protection against water and dust but also for aesthetic reasons, all shutters can be equipped with shutter box to house the coil. Shutter box is made of hot dip galvanized steel sheet painted to match the color of the rolling shutter. The curtain of rolling shutter is restrained by and “runs” in appropriate guide channels from hot dip galvanized steel sheet, which incorporate special PVC rubbers with brush to minimize air penetration and reduce noise during operation.

 Profiles of open type shutters with perforation can have flat or curved cross section and the choice depends on the aesthetic effect and desired level of strength.

In general curved section profiles offer greater strength and durability, but have higher costs.

Profile options:

profile L80D   profile L90D

profile L110D

L80D and L90D profiles are curved cross section. They have high rigidity, durability and reduced noise levels during the operation. L90D profile combines the advantages of flat and curved cross section. Also available in profiles of  single closed-type shutters (L80 and L90).

L110D profile is flat cross section. Rolling shutter from L110D profile is the most common and low cost product in its category. Also available in profiles of single wall closed-type shutters (L110).

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Basic parts of a rolling shutter

 Elampsis presents to you some basic parts of rolling shutters. They are necessary for the proper and safe operation of rolling shutters. At the same time they supply maximum protection by preventing bad weather conditions or burglers to invade your space. These parts refer to both aluminum and steel rolling shutters.

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