Side doors

Our company fabricates and installs metal doors which are used as side doors next to rolling shutters. These doors are made from metal profiles within a thermal-galvanized steel frame. All profiles are made by thermal-galvanized steel of single or double insulated wall. They can also can have double insulated wall from aluminium. Dimensions and colors are fully customized.

 These doors can be suitably combined with rolling shutters (made by the same metal profiles) which are used as maholes. That way you don't need to operate your rolling shutter each time a person wants to enter or exit the parking, store, house etc.


  • thirida L110
  • thirida L2in
  • thyrida L110D
                  profile L110D                                     profileL110                 


Profile of single wall perforated& galvanized steel - flat cross section



Profile of single wall galvanized steel - flat cross section




Profile of double wall galvanized steel, or aluminium, with insulated curved cross section